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Henan huaxin environmental protection technology co., LTD
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Henan huaxin environmental protection technology co., LTD is a professional development and production of water treatment agent、Water purification filter and fibre ball filter material、The fiber bundle、The comet type fiber filter material and so on comprehensive entity enterprise of various kinds of packing。The company has thousands of employees,Technical backbone150Name,Long-term cooperation20Name,For a long time,Companies continue to cooperate with universities and scientific research units,Develop new products,Enlarge the scale of the enterprise,Made by the original purification materials,Development to the present environmental protection packing,Tower packing and new agents,Can be widely used in electric power、Metallurgy、Iron and steel、The gas、Textiles、Printing and dyeing、Made by、Electrons、Medicine、Food、In the field of chemical industry and urban water supply and drainage and other water treatment。Due to the reliable product quality perfect after-sales service,To win the majority of users trust and praise。The main products are high oil removal filter material series:863The comet type fiber filter material、Fiber ball filter material、The fiber bundle、The modified fiber ball、The modified fiber bundle、To contend with type water treatment packing、Nut shell filter material;Activated carbon series:Coconut shell activated carbon、Nut shell activated carbon、Powdered activated carbon、Columnar activated carbon;Water treatment agent:Polyaluminium chloride、Polymeric ferric sulfate、Polymerization aluminum sulfate、Polyacrylamide、Defoaming agent、Scale inhibitors、Piece of alkali、Ferrous sulfate;Water purification filter material:Sponge iron、The pebbles、Quartz sand、Anthracite coal、Manganese sand、Ceramsite filter material、Porcelain sand、Magnetite、Zeolite、Silicon carbide、Garnet、Foam filter bead、Medical stone、Molecular sieve、Coke、Volcanic rock、Serpentine、Activated alumina;The new tower packing:Polyhedral hollow ball、Liquid surface covering the ball、BaoHuan packing、Ladder ring packing、Garland filler、3 d mesh packing、The ring packing、The conjugate ring packing;The new environmental protection packing:Cellular inclined tube、The filter head、Floating ball、Soft packing、Three-dimensional elastic filler、Combination packing、Aerator、Efficient composite wave water spray packing。Henan huaxin environmental protection technology co., LTD. In the face of opportunities and challenges brought by the fierce market competition,Justice brand-new management pattern and the high level of management style,To build“Huaxin”Brand,The company's products in the field of water treatment in the invincible position forever,Smiling eight side relatives and friends,The arrival of the four seas guests。...

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Henan huaxin environmental protection technology co., LTD
Contacts:Mr. Zhang
The phone:0371-64384368
A mobile phone:18738116172
Address:Henan Zhengzhou Gongyi city Tianjin port town environmental protection industrial park
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