This cooling is committed to providing a full range of solutions in cold storage installation engineering
We are committed to providing a complete solution to install a variety of cold storage engineering
  • ★Frozen cold storage
    Frozen cold storage refers to food quickly by its largest ice crystals, producing area,When the average temperature reaches-18?℃Sometimes the rapid freezing method。In the process of frozen food......

  • ★Cold storage logistics
    Logistics functions from the traditional cold storage refrigerator“Low temperature storage”To“Flow-through”、“Cold chain logistics distribution”Model transformation,Its facilities according to the distribution center in low temperature......

  • ★Fresh cold storage
    Fresh-keeping or fresh storage,Its main content is fresh,A long time, To keep some original quality and freshness of agricultural products......

  • ★Medicine, cold storage
    Medicine and cold storage Medical refrigerator main refrigerated storage at room temperature under the condition of all kinds of pharmaceutical products with good quality,Under the condition of low temperature cold storage disable drugs is not bad......

  • ★Explosion-proof cold storage
    Explosion-proof design strict cold storage、Fine、Security, etc,Explosion-proof marks for explosion-proof type+Equipment category+(Gas group)+Temperature classes,Can be used to directly......

  • Controlled atmosphere cold storage
    The gas adjustment freshness storehouse, the principle of Gas adjustment freshness storehouse is one of the world's most advanced facilities for fruits and vegetables。It can control the temperature of the house of the rolls、Humidity......

  • Food freezer
    Food main storage refrigerator:Meat food、The tea、Edible fungus、Dairy products、Agricultural products、Fruit、The vegetables、Aquatic products、Cold drink ice cream and so on......

  • Double temperature refrigerator
    Refrigerated double temperature refrigerator is to point to in a cold storage china-canada clapboard is divided into two different temperature of the room,Two sets of door and separation device,According to store items......

  • Scientific research and cold storage
    Scientific research mainly refers to the refrigerator with low temperature refrigeration to keep fresh supplies some scientific research,For the development of biological science and technology in China is of great importance......

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  1. What factors affect the little cool prices

    In recent years,Follow citizen living standards from time to time and diversification of demand for food,Refrigerated...

  2. Cold storage building underground is good

    Under the condition of the bag yesterday outdated technology,Cellar chosen as the store is very common things,Now follow...

  3. Manufacturers in the cold storage installation little cool easily ignored or problems

    Small manufacturer due to cold storage building qualification or the company's strength、The lack of professional equipment,Built in cold storage、...

  4. What factors to consider in the process of cold storage design?

    1.Cold storage volume Cold storage of intrusive according to the storage products in the cold storage accumulation is necessary to occupy the volume,Plus...

  5. Cold storage construction cost how to calculate correctly?

    Cold storage cost,According to the commonly1Cubic meters a few money to calculate refrigerator,According to the scale of the refrigerator,Cold storage of cubic meters of the price...

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