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2018Years Kang Libo lubricating oil region in gansu province dealer thanks will end!
2018Years Kang Libo lubricating oil region in gansu province dealer thanks will end!2018Years9Month26Day,Zhejiang Kang Libo energy technology co., LTD., to join hands in gansu xin trading co., LTD. Doctors graduated in held in lanzhou flower hotel thanks will。100More than secondary franchisees are present。Gansu xin trading co., LTD. General manager Mr YuAiXun doctors graduated made warm welcome speech。Guests are warm applause。Kang Libo lubricating oil into the market four years in gansu province,Some achievements were obtained,Because without sincere pay lots of guests。  Zhejiang Kang Libo energy technology co., LTD
“Car element”Visiting city partners!
2017Years11Month18Day,Was invited to zhejiang Kang Libo energy technology co., LTD“Car element”New business models in the shangri-la hotel in wenzhou will sign。  Kang Libo lubricating oil senior engineers and guests Shared the Kang Libo the development course of the company and products。Professional knowledge of lubricating oil,Exquisite packaging,Unique formula technology,Guests a great deal of attention。 The next day,“Car element”Part of the city partners to zhejiang to visit Kang Libo energy technology co., LTD,During key watched Kang Libo lubricating oil in the scientific research laboratory and production workshop。    In the research laboratory,Kang Libo
The first29A“China LaoNianJie”Kang Libo condolences to the elderly
But each chongyang,Chongyang again today。In the first29A“China LaoNianJie”Approaching,10Month26Day,Zhejiang Kang Libo petrochemical co., LTD., chairman of Jiang Jian rate employees to jinhua city wu luodian village town miles,Accompanied by the king of the village committee director,In the village and infirm、Needy and long-term bedridden due to illness in the village the old director of condolences,Sent them consolation money,And to the village60Over the age of the elderly wish them a happy holiday,Give the sugar、Cooking oil and longevity noodles,Wish them a happy holiday,Longevity and health。       “LaoNianJie” Is the national legal holiday。1991
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