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Shenzhen hengtai construction group co., LTD is a professional engaged in indoor and outdoor decoration design、The construction、Supporting services as one of the best public companies,Was established2011Years10Month18Day,The registered capital3010Ten thousand yuan,With shenzhen hengtai ZhiCheng construction project、Shenzhen hengtai furniture、Xiangya ode three wholly owned subsidiary of farm management, etc,Consists of shenzhen longhua branch、Dongguan branch、Changsha branch,Hold the futian district housing bureau issued《Class c qualifications of decoration design》、《Mechanical and electrical installation project level 3 qualification》、Shenzhen live built bureau issued《Decoration construction two class aptitude》、《Electronic and intelligent two class aptitude》、《Fire control facilities project two class aptitude》、《Safety production license》、Issued by the bilateral agreement《Security design、The construction、Ability to maintain three level qualification》Such as certification,Is China building decoration association member units,Guangdong province security association member units,Main business covers the construction decoration、Intelligent building and security、Mechanical and electrical installation、Office furniture、Fire protection, etc,Especially good at business、The design of commercial space、The construction、Supporting one-stop service,We uphold“Details of the heart,Honest reputation all over the world”The management idea,Stick to it“Each of these when his office to design,Each project when their home to decorate”The basic principles,The pursuit of excellence quality,Sustainable business,Do the industry benchmark,A national brand!

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